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RoRo and Containerised Cargo

RV Shipping provides a full and comprehensive container solution for all your cargo needs. We offer the complete range of standard containers, 20ft and 40ft dry vans, as well as the increasingly popular 40ft 'High Cube', for additional load space. For specialist, and non-standard cargo, we are able to provide 20ft and 40ft open top containers, along with 20ft and 40ft flat racks. These non-standard containers allow for the shipment of cargo that would normally be too high or too wide for a standard container.

Through our transport network, we are able to offer a ‘drop and collect’ service for our containers. This enables your container to be delivered to your nominated loading site, and left for a period of days, either remaining on the trailer, or dropped to the ground for ease of loading. Once loading is complete, simply let us know, and we will arrange for the container to be collected and delivered to port.

We are able to arrange the collection and delivery of your cargo to one of our stuffing facilities, where the appropriate container can be loaded on your behalf. 

Whether you require a door – port movement, or door – door all the way to your end user’s facility, our extensive industry contacts allow us to find the right solution for your cargo needs.  

We are also pleased to offer the supply and sale of a variety of new and used seaworthy, ‘Shippers Own’ containers.


RV Shipping provides a worldwide RoRo service for all your mobile cargo requirements.

We have well established relationships with many of the world’s largest RoRo carriers.

We are able to safely & efficiently transport a large variety of mobile cargo, whether tracked or wheeled, up to 150mt on many vessels.